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Epoxy Adhesives

Because of their ability to adhere to a wide variety of materials, their high strength, their resistance to chemicals and environments, and their ability to resist creep under sustained load, epoxies are the most widely used structural adhesive. They are available in one component, heat curing and two component, room temperature curing systems. Unmodified epoxies cure to hard, brittle solids. Most adhesive formulations include modifiers to increase flexibility or toughness of the cured adhesive. This results in bond lines that are able to resist more peel and cleavage stress as well as impact.

Epoxy adhesive for industrial applications
Technical bulletin EA-40
Technical bulletin Metalset A4
Technical bulletin MT 13
Technical bulletin Super Instant

Technical Bulletin Variobond [315 KB]


  • Aves Apoxie Paste

    Aves Apoxie Paste

    an innovative adhesive medium used to permanently fill, bond, seal, customize & fabricate ... more

  • EA 40 Epoxy Glue

    EA 40 Epoxy Glue

    EA-40 Clear Amber Epoxy is an unfilled low-viscosity epoxy adhesive that can be spread ea ... more

  • IJssel Variobond

    IJssel Variobond

    Twee componenten druipvrije epoxylijm. Deze epoxylijm is te gebruiken voor het verlijmen v ... more

  • Metalset A4

    Metalset A4

    Metalset A4 is a powerful epoxy adhesive that has been used for years by all branches of ... more

  • MT-13 Epoxy glue

    MT-13 Epoxy glue

    Smooth-On MT-13 is a premium performance epoxy for applications requiring maximum holding ... more

  • Super Instant Epoxy

    Super Instant Epoxy

    Smooth-On Super Instant Epoxy is a two component, clear amber adhesive designed to provid ... more

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Hier vindt u onze produkten gerangschikt naar diverse toepassingsmogelijkheden, zoals: Lifecasting, boetseren, afvormen, gieten, make-up, stuntwerk, dentaalwerk en studie.

  • Afvormen

    fllexibele materialen voor mallen: siliconen, pu-rubbers, alginaat etc.

  • Special Properties

  • Gietmaterialen

    Materialen voor het gieten van harde of flexibele objecten.

  • Schuimen

    Liquid Flexible Foam, Liquid Rigid Foam, Rigid Foam Blocks

  • Composieten

    Harsen, polyester, epoxy, acrylhars, glasvezels enz.

  • Cold Casting

    Metaalpoeders en plastics voor het "koud" gieten van IJzer, Brons, Messing of Tin.

  • Restauratie

    Voor het vervaardigen en herstellen van architectuur en ornamentiek.

  • Prototyping

    Materialen die worden gebruikt voor rapid prototyping

  • Textiel

  • Cosplay

    Producten om je eigen cosplay kostuums en rekwisieten te maken

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