Medium Objects

Resins suitable for medium objects

Crystal Clear 200 Crystal Clear 200

Smooth-Cast 305 Smooth-Cast 305

Smooth-Cast 326 neutral color resins, ideal for adding color pigments or creating marble, wood-grain, bronze, brass or other effects.

Task 14 High impact resistance, low cost semi-rigid plastics for industrial applications including fast mold making, prototyping, black colored props and special effects.

Task 9 Readily accepts color pigments and yields parts with extraordinary tensile strength.

EpoxAcast 650 EpoxAcast 650

EpoxACast 655 EpoxACast 655

EpoxAcast 690 EpoxAcast 690

PU-resins suitable for small objects

Polyester & Komposieten Polyester lamineerhars, giethars, gelcoat, plamuur en pasta's en gerelateerde produkten

Epoxy lamineerharsen Epoxyharsen voor vezelversterkt laminaat

Semi Rigids suitable for medium objects

Smooth Cast 45D / -60D / -65D enigzins buigzame harsen met een grote slagvastheid

Task 11 Task 11

Mineral suitable for medium objects

Gips en Gipsprodukten Gips en Gipsprodukten verpakt per zak of emmer.

Forton MG Forton MG kits.