Polyurethaan-additieven en Accessoires

PU-additieven en accessoires produkten

SO-Strong tints can be used to create a variety of color effects for a wide range of material applications

Ignite tints The Ignite® line of liquid fluorescent colorants is compatible with Smooth-On urethane rubbers, urethane plastics, urethane foams (rigid and flexible) and silicones. The fluorescent or "glow" effect is maximized under ultra-violet light or "black light".

Cryptolyte Cryptolyte® is a translucent liquid additive that causes cured Smooth-On silicone rubbers, urethane rubbers, plastics or foams to glow a bright blue under a focused ultra violet light source (blacklight). You will not see the glow effect without an UV light source.

URE-BOND® II is a premium performance urethane adhesive compound that offers a strong flexible bond between many different surfaces.

KickoIt Versneller is an additive designed to "accelerate" the cure time of some Smooth-On urethane liquid rubber products

SO-Flex SO-Flex PU-flexibilizer

SO-Cure SO-Cure versneller voor PU-hars

Sun Devil A one component liquid additive that will slow color change and physical degradation due to UV exposure for many Smooth-On liquid urethane products.

PU-lak systeem Two component high filling polyurethane varnish. Gloss. Easy application by brush or roller. High scratch resistance. Excellent gloss retention, non-yellowing.

Watertrap Watertrap Potassium Silicate for pouring urethanes into waterbased moulds